Proving Capability and Sustainment

Since 2006,(WCTS) has been the sole provider to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) capability development.  The WCTS team of advisors and mentors has empowered NATO Allied, Partnership for Peace, and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troop contributing nations with their experience, counsel, and ability to develop robust and enduring capabilities to counter the full range of asymmetric and explosive threats.   This body of work includes the development of the NATO C-IED concepts, numerous Standardization Agreements (STANAGS) and operational handbooks, C-IED Capability Gap Analysis across DOTMLPF disciplines, and the development and management of the NATO strategic C-IED Action and Campaign Plans. In addition to embedded advisors at the head quarters, WCTS has provided operational and technical training teams, developed and supported NATO and multi-national exercises, and deployed 98 Mobile Advisory Teams (MATs) to support national and multi-national capability development and training activities. Throughout these efforts, WCTS mentored and trained thousands of personnel from NATO and Allied nations on behalf of ACT.  Within this large student base were hundreds of their national instructors receiving a Train-the-Trainer program designed to ensure an element of sustainment for each nation; the outcome which undoubtedly has saved the lives of many Allied Soldiers.

Doctrine, policy and training development

Assist host country / end-user to develop polices and doctrines designed to counter terrorist and extremists threats and establish procedures that promote stability and effective management of explosive ordnance ​

Strategic C-IED action planning​

Supporting military / civilian leadership and stakeholders to implement a comprehensive approach to managing overarching IED threat policies​

Technical and operational training courses​

Provide full-scope of training course ranging from basic IED identification to disposal to recovery and analysis​

Embedding subject matter experts and advisors​

On-site / in-country experts that provide real-time analysis, support and guidance to senior government and military officials​

Establishing mobile advisory teams to assist national C-IED capability development​

Deployable teams of subject matter experts that deliver instruction and education highly tailored for specific customers​