Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED)

Global adversaries are made up of networks that see no borders, no governments, and no responsibilities to their actions. Rendering safe a single IED does not prevent future attacks, nor will it change their radical or extremist viewpoints. This is why states are building a capability that integrates multiple agencies and unifies their Counter-IED operations. It brings together the strengths of law enforcement, military, and government. C-IED efforts generally include, or overlap with, other operations such as Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency. WCTS experts are embedded within major commands and provide advice and training on asymmetrical warfare policy, doctrine, and TTPs. Our advisory and training teams have developed and delivered C-IED training in over 20 countries. WCTS supports the fundamental Lines of Effort for Defeat the Device, Engage the Network, and Adapt the Force with mentorship and instructional programs designed to analyze mission requirements and assets and produce a collaborated solution. Our experts work with all levels of command to ensure the perishable skills are honed, the planning is thorough, the operations are effective, and the policy supports a grown and sustainable capability that can adapt to and defeat the threat.



  • C-IED Staff Planning
  • Search and Clearance Equipment and Tools
  • Pre-Incident Procedures
  • Understanding Network Frameworks and Intelligence
  • Integration of C-IED Assets
  • Maneuver in an IED Threat Environment
  • Search Operations
  • Collection, Exploitation, and Forensics
  • Post-Task Actions
  • Practical Exercises


Dependent upon the type of training being delivered WCTS C-IED training includes some or all of the following areas of competence:

  • Introduction to Defeat the Device
  • Exploitation
  • Force Protection and Tactical Operations
  • HME and Pre-Cursor Awareness
  • Ground Sign Awareness
  • Search
  • Terrorist Tactics and Weapons
  • Practical Exercises and Assessment