Explosive Ordnance Disposal

WCTS training programs allow EOD / ATO / bomb technicians and military personnel to learn first-hand from the world’s foremost explosive threat experts, ensuring they are best equipped to defeat the IED when in high-threat situations.

WCTS focuses on providing world-class training courses that support security professionals in the development of robust countermeasures and comprehensive response to complex hybrid threats.

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Global adversaries are made up of networks that see no borders, no governments, and no responsibilities to their actions. Rendering safe a single IED does not prevent future attacks, nor will it change their radical or extremist viewpoints. This is why states are building a capability that integrates multiple agencies and unifies their Counter-IED operations. It brings together the strengths of law enforcement, military, and government. C-IED efforts generally include, or overlap with, other operations such as Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency.

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Conventional Munitions Disposal

If it seems like common sense, it is. Conventional munitions must eventually be disposed of, whether because they’ve been rendered unserviceable, or due to an expiration of usefulness, or because of failure to function. Such munitions can be found in almost any condition, and in any location, with the potential to threaten government facilities, military operations, civilian locations, critical infrastructure and commercial property.

It is the belief of WCTS that the most appropriate response is a strategy-minded, effectively trained counter-threat team. WCTS is best equipped to assist customers as they wish to develop a CMD capability from the start or to improve an existing one.

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Biological And Chemical Munitions Disposal (BCMD)

Biological and Chemical munitions pose particular handling and disposal hazards. Not only will counter-threat personnel be expected to deal with modern munitions that require EOD attention, the possibility of encountering old unserviceable and possibly degraded biological and chemical munitions (with inherent associated risks) is ever present. Preparation of an appropriately trained and equipped response to deal with the munitions either in site or at pre-arranged demolition site is critical.

WCTS has many years of expertise in dealing with Biological and Chemical Munitions Disposal (BCMD), and offers its customers a service to develop a BCMD capability from the start or to improve an existing one. WCTS can also assist with BCMD response doctrine and SOP development.

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Improvised Explosive Device Disposal

The use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) has only grown more prevalent in recent years. Not only to target military forces, IEDs are sometimes deployed to threaten government facilities, civilian locations, critical infrastructure, and commercial property.

Such devices must be properly disposed of to ensure the safety and well-being of military, government, and law enforcement officials, as well as that of bystanders and civilians. To effectively and efficiently carry out a counter-threat solution requires an appropriately trained and equipped response, an area in which WCTS is the industry leader. Develop a high-level IEDD capability from the start or to improve an existing one.

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EOD/Bomb Tech Operator

Measures taken to mitigate, detect and neutralize IEDs have an immediate effect and directly save lives. Defeat the Device efforts will protect the population and deliver physical security to our own forces by means of tactical and technical measures. Intelligence gained from exploitation delivers new understanding and permits the development of new counter-threat solutions intended to detect, neutralize, and mitigate the effects of improvised explosive devices.

Defeat the Device training offered by WCTS will enable the audience to understand and implement the range of useful, highly relevant activities that include exploitation, search, tactical force TTPs, force protection, and ground sign awareness.

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The threat of terrorist groups using CBRN materials as a weapon remains a grave concern for the international community. WCTS is very well versed and experienced in identifying, mitigating and preventing Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear explosive device detonation.

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First Response

WCTS provides advice and assistance with goals in mind of preparing first responders with the knowledge and practical skills required to deal with a major incident, and of inspiring confidence among governments and institutional supporters: Rest easy knowing that your first responders are most capable of dealing with critical incidents.

First Responder training from WCTS simulates an IED event in order to evaluate current best practices and technique; the program also offers participants the opportunity to inspect varying ways of interpreting environmental and situational clues, which individually or together can indicate the presence of a threat.

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