Conventional Munitions Disposal

If it seems like common sense, it is. Conventional munitions must eventually be disposed of, whether because they’ve been rendered unserviceable, or due to an expiration of usefulness, or because of failure to function. Munitions are designed to kill or destroy. Such munitions can be found in almost any condition, and in any location, with the potential to threaten government facilities, military operations, civilian locations, critical infrastructure and commercial property.

It is the belief of WCTS that the most appropriate response is a strategy-minded, effectively trained counter-threat team. WCTS is best equipped to assist customers as they wish to develop a CMD capability from the start, or to improve an existing one.

WCTS training is modular and can be adapted to create a course that exactly targets the customers’ requirements. This flexibility allows WCTS to design a course in line with both the students needs and missions, their available equipment, and with the existing or predetermined threats.

Knowledge Areas
Dependent upon the type of training being delivered WCTS CMD Training includes some or all of the following areas of competence:

  • Introduction to CMD
  • Ammunition Design
  • Generic Demolition Procedures
  • Demolition Equipment and Tools
  • Pre Demolition Procedures
  • Disposal Techniques and Procedures
  • Post Task Actions
  • Practical Exercises

Training Packages
The following courses are examples of training that can be carried out by WCTS. Course duration and content will be tailored to suit individual client requirements.

  • Basic CMD
  • Logistic Disposal
  • IMAS Level 3
  • Blow in Place
  • Ordnance Hazard Reduction
  • CMD Consultancy and Doctrine Support
  • Train The Trainer