Are You Prepared for an IED Attack?

The use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) by terrorists and insurgents in conflict areas around the world is a game changer. It is a weapon that is tactically employed with a strategic impact. It instills fear, doubt, and insecurity into the human psyche. This simple truth created by a successful IED attack stresses the requirement for states to develop a credible and effective strategy for denying the adversary’s IED operations and prevent the device from functioning. This element of the Counter IED approach is made up of proactive and reactive activities undertaken by both law enforcement bomb squads and military EOD units.

EOD - Bomb SquadMeasures taken to mitigate, detect and neutralize IEDs have an immediate effect and directly save lives. Defeat the Device efforts will protect the population and deliver physical security to our own forces by means of tactical and technical measures. Intelligence and evidence gained from exploitation delivers new understanding of the device and permits the development of new methods to counter like devices. Additionally it leads to arrests or targeting of enemy militants. The EOD tech provides a capability to render the device safe and allow for a more thorough collection and investigation.

Being that IEDs are only limited by the imagination of the bomber, the EOD/Bomb tech must understand all the principles of explosives and firing circuitry. Whether it’s a hostage strapped to a device, or a suspect vehicle, the mission priorities of the EOD/Bomb tech remain the same:

1. Save Lives
2. Protect Property
3. Preserve Evidence.

WCTS, a company built by experts dedicated to their EOD community, can provide some of the most advanced training to neutralizing the full range of IEDs.

WCTS training is modular and can be adapted to create a course that exactly targets the customers’ requirements. This flexibility allows WCTS to design a course in line with the students needs and missions, their available equipment, and with the existing or predetermined threats.

Training Packages

The following courses are examples of training that can be carried out by WCTS. Course duration and content will be tailored to suit individual client requirements:

  • Basic IEDD
  • Advanced IEDD
  • Assault IEDD
  • EOD Equipment Training
  • VBIEDs
  • Suicide IEDs
  • EOD/SWAT Integration
  • Basic EOD technician
  • EOD trade skills
  • Consultancy Services
  • Train the Trainer