Peacekeeping and Stability

Peacekeeping and Stability Operations (PKSO) represent an ongoing challenge for military planners, international organizations and civilian policy makers. PKSO normally include crisis response and limited contingency and requires the efforts and coordination of military and civilian entities.

WCTS understands the complexity of PKSO and works with organizations to modernize capabilities to ensure success of mandated tasks by improving their ability to operate effectively and safely in unstable environments. We have experience working with organizations and alliances, individual troop contributing countries and building host nation capabilities in support of peacekeeping and stability operations.  Our experience, combined with our Threat Intelligence (TI) reporting and advanced technology capabilities, provides our SME/trainers and clients with an insight and awareness to support planning, doctrinal development and training design.

WCTS focuses its consultancy and training capabilities to foster sustainability and capacity building in order to mitigate, respond and counter the growing explosive threat during complex reconstruction, stability and peacekeeping activities. Our SME’s have operational experience in more than fifty countries and understand the diverse activities involved in PKSO.  Their experience supporting foreign internal defense (FID) operations, humanitarian and civic assistance programs, security assistance and various other PKSO activities have proven our sensitivity to working in multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-organizational environments.

WCTS can assist with:

  • The collection and evaluation of lessons learned
  • PKSO policy development
  • Review and development of PKSO concepts and doctrine
  • Review and development of military and civilian training and education programs
  • Advisory support to civilian or military organizations in developing requirements and capabilities in order to conduct PKSO