Worldwide Counter Threat Solutions (WCTS) has the expertise and ability to provide corporations, businesses, public works and health services, venues, and events with the tools needed to warn and protect its employees, customers and the community from modern threats.

We have the experience to support both mainland and maritime environments – Whether it’s an active shooter, bomb threat, or home grown terrorist attack, our subject matter experts can prepare you to mitigate and react appropriately through consulting and training packages.

WCTS can work with law enforcement and first responders to provide you with local coordination should an incident occur.  Knowing what to look for, who to call and the proper actions to take can deescalate or even prevent a dangerous situation. WCTS provides a thorough assessment of your current stature and procedures, updates you with known trends, and offers such services as social media analysis and open source reporting to predict and warn of potential harmful activities specific to your interests.  Our teams give you what you need, when you need it, based on vulnerability assessments and risk analysis.

Worldwide Counter Threat Solutions: Making your Community Safer.

Understand. Prepare. Prevent.