Worldwide Counter Threat Solutions (WCTS) supports the Department of State, their partnered nations, and its diplomatic services in the US and in foreign locations by providing capacity building, mentorship, and training solutions for global challenges.

Supported by our own Threat Intelligence and Analysis service, WCTS has the advantage of understanding the conflicts and frictions between parties modern governments face. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) have operational and instructional experience in more than 50 countries; they understand the importance of integrating culture during the development and presentation of programs, as well as respecting customs to build lasting relationships as advisors and mentors.

WCTS boasts an unrivaled level of expertise in supporting foreign internal defense (FID) operations; humanitarian and civic assistance programs; security assistance; and various peacekeeping activities, and has proven our sensitivity to working in multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-organizational environments. As an asset and force multiplier for the DOS, we can assist their mission and foreign policies for promoting freedom and democracy and protecting human rights around the world.

Worldwide Counter Threat Solutions: Dedicated to Diplomacy.

Understand. Prepare. Prevent.