Evidence left behind after an IED or other explosive incident can provide a wealth of information about the bomb-maker, the explosives, and also the group’s tactics and capabilities. The forensics and biometrics experts at work behind the scenes at Worldwide Counter Threat Solutions (WCTS) can sift through the data and produce actionable intelligence for military and law enforcement agencies.

Using the correct principles and procedures for biometric collection and analysis in accordance with legal requirements is vital if the evidence is to be used to identify, target and ultimately prosecute individuals involved in IED construction and placement. WCTS is equipped with a wealth of knowledge in this area, and can provide advice, guidance, and training across a range of biometrics- and forensics-related counter-threat scenarios.

Rapid DNA Analysis

The Worldwide Counter Threat Solutions (WCTS) Rapid Express DNA Installation (REDI) System was developed in response to the need for rapid human identification in the intelligence community. It capitalizes on advancements in DNA extraction and amplification chemistries to achieve turn-around times 80% faster than was possible only a year ago.

The REDI system is a rapidly installed system capable of high-throughput, express processing of known reference standards (buccal swabs or blood cards). Utilizing commercially available instrumentation and reagents, the REDI system performs within a small, flexible operational footprint that can be installed on a working area the size of a standard dining room table. With an additional area for sample processing as well as adequate storage space, a functioning REDI system can be deployed into small, non-traditional workspaces such as airports, border stations, maritime locations, hotel rooms, offices and mass disaster sites. Within two hours, two analysts can have a REDI system operational.

REDI is available for immediate installation and meets or exceeds many of the performance benchmarks established by the DHS for Rapid DNA instruments, including turn-around-time and cost per sample.

Targeting The Requirement

WCTS offers biometrics and forensics advisory services to help in identifying the counter-threat needs of the customer. Recommendations as the result of this needs analysis may include modular, adaptive training targeted to the customer’s counter-threat requirements; or counter-threat solution assistance on a consultative basis.

Knowledge Areas

Dependent upon the type of training being delivered WCTS biometrics and forensic training includes some or all of the following areas of competence:

  • Forensic DNA Typing Services
  • DNA Based Kinship Testing
  • Rapid DNA Instrumentation Expertise
  • DNA Database Management Support
  • Project Management
  • Qualified DNA Expert Testimony
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advance DNA Collection and Exploitation Training Instruction
  • Support to Internal Exercise (Scenario Design and Injects)

Training Packages

The following courses are examples of training that can be carried out by WCTS. Course duration and content will be tailored to suit individual client requirements:

  • Biometric Collection and Handling
  • Train the Trainer