Networks Engagement

Any adversary group that uses improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as weapons requires a sophisticated network of personnel, resources, activities, and the links between each component to carry out an effective attack.

In order to properly plan, execute, and exploit an IED attack, the adversary group must concern itself with financing, recruiting, training, supply of components and explosives, planning, target reconnaissance, and IED manufacture. With information and intelligence from many sources and agencies (such as HUMINT), forensic and biometric evidence recovered from IED events and surveillance can help build a picture of the adversary network and the personnel undertaking these activities. Critical vulnerabilities located within the adversary network (e.g., sources of supply, finance and key personnel) can be identified and proactive measures taken to target and disrupt them.

Attack the Network training courses from Worldwide Counter Threat Solutions (WCTS) will enable the audience to understand adversary networks; conduct exploitation activities; gather and analyze intelligence; identify network activities; and plan and conduct targeting activities.

WCTS Counter-IED experts are embedded in NATO Allied Command Transformation’s (ACT) Counter-IED Integrated Project Team, and provide advice and training to NATO and member nations on asymmetrical warfare policy, doctrine and TTPs. Our advisory and training teams have delivered Attack the Network training in over 20 countries and provide Attack the Network support to major NATO exercises.

WCTS offers Attack the Network advisory services to help in identifying the needs of the customer. Output may include training that is modular, and can be adapted to create a course to exactly meet the customers’ requirements. This flexibility allows WCTS to take into account such factors as the function of the customer organization, the objective of a particular task and the level of training and experience of nominated personnel. Training can be undertaken at any suitable location nominated by the customer.

Dependent upon the type of training being delivered WCTS Attack the Network training includes some or all of the following areas of competence:

  • Introduction to Attack the Network
  • Exploitation
  • Targeting
  • Counter-IED
  • Operational Headquarters
  • Practical exercises


The following courses are examples of training that can be carried out by WCTS. Course duration and content will be tailored to suit individual client requirements:

  • Attack The Network Tactical Awareness Course (ATAC)
  • Staff Officers Awareness Course (SOAC)
  • Consultancy
  • Train the Trainer