EOD/IEDD Training 

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) training programs enable personnel to competently undertake IEDD operations in low or high-threat environments depending upon requirements. Modules include threat analysis, incident management, understanding terrorist weapons, vehicle bomb disposal techniques, IEDs and their function, ROV deployment and render-safe procedures.

Our Instructors

WCTS instructors bring a global approach to your solution.  Deeply rooted in operations, our highly experienced instructors collaborate the best practices from the two leaders in the western-world (UK and US) for the counter threat industry.  They have backgrounds serving in such high-threat regions as Northern Ireland, Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Africa.

As professional trainers in both UK and US, they have worked as Senior Instructors within EOD/IEDD Training schools, with Bomb Squad Technicians, Special Operations Teams, Commanders, and Military Forensic Intelligence. WCTS is very experienced in delivering training to foreign Military and Police students.  Our instructors are accustomed to working in all conditions, using interpreters, and adjusting and respecting host nation customs and beliefs.

Our Courses

 0006Our courses offer the best of our experience and meet the needs of you, the client. WCTS has a long history of delivering high quality training to a wide range of audiences. We pride ourselves in developing a training course which adapts to the customer’s requirements in order to provide focused and relevant training at an affordable price. The courses outlined in this catalogue can be adjusted for a modified version to solve your needs.  This personal attention, combined with engaging with the client and understanding their intent, has been a strength to our success and ensures you relevant content at a maximum value. The best solution at an affordable price.