Threat Intelligence

The Threat Intelligence and Analysis Department (TI&A) includes experienced Reserve and ex-military intelligence personnel, former UK government intelligence professionals and academics giving the department depth and capability. This is further enhanced by native Arabic speakers and support by experienced former EOD personnel.

WCTS offers a wide range of Threat Intelligence products and services to customers ranging from Government, to Non-Governmental Organizations, and to private entities.

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Search & Detection

The program will teach students how to evaluate terrorist threat and to approach the essential component of undertaking search activities in an offensive and a defensive role. Students will undertake a number of search operations from body searches, vehicle, building and route searches through to identifying and understanding equipment used in search operations.

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Open Source Intelligence

The Threat Intelligence and Analysis department analysis’ terrorist related events from around the world through open source media coupled with a social media feed and the assistance of robots. This is then disseminated through a number of reports.

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Social Media Analysis

The Threat Intelligence and Analysis Department (TI&A) has a team dedicated to social media analysis (who have been active for over 10 years) to monitor sites of interest relating to customer intelligence gaps. Such material is then disseminated through a number of reports.

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Technical Exploitation

Even with the best counter-threat training, technology and equipment, it may not be always possible to prevent attacks and incidents from occurring, but what can be done is this: Ensure proper prevention and preparation measures are in place. In order to achieve this efficiently and effectively, military and law enforcement personnel must first understand how and why the perpetrators were able to breach existing security measures.

Post incident technical exploitation is a vital tool in helping to prevent further attacks, but also in ensuring that those responsible can be identified and brought to justice. An appropriately trained and equipped response to conduct this exploitation is a critical capability. Worldwide Counter Threat Solutions (WCTS) is highly experienced in this area, and will work with your organization to guarantee an appropriately trained counter-threat team with an equipped response strategy. Develop an exploitation capability from the start or to improve an existing one, with a little help from WCTS.

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Evidence left behind after an IED or other explosive incident can provide a wealth of information about the bomb-maker, the explosives, and also the group’s tactics and capabilities. The forensics and biometrics experts at work behind the scenes at Worldwide Counter Threat Solutions (WCTS) can sift through the data and produce actionable intelligence for military and law enforcement agencies.

Using the correct principles and procedures for biometric collection and analysis in accordance with legal requirements is vital if the evidence is to be used to identify, target and ultimately prosecute individuals involved in IED construction and placement. WCTS is equipped with a wealth of knowledge in this area, and can provide advice, guidance, and training across a range of biometrics- and forensics-related counter-threat scenarios.

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Data Base And Portal

The Threat Intelligence Portal transforms incident data into clear intelligence in several visual formats, including geospatial views, searchable lists and statistical diagrams. For ease of use, users can zoom in on a Google™ Satellite or Map view of icons representing Incidents, Threats, and Events to help visualize risk profiles in context and anticipate potential problems.