Threat Intelligence and Analysis Department

The Threat Intelligence and Analysis Department (TI&A) has been in existence for over 15 years. It includes experienced Reserve and ex-military intelligence personnel, former UK government intelligence professionals and academics giving the department depth and capability. This is further enhanced by native Arabic speakers and support by experienced former EOD personnel.

WCTS offers a wide range of Threat Intelligence products and services to customers ranging from Government, to Non-Governmental Organizations, and to private entities.


Threat Intelligence Portal

WCTS’s Threat Intelligence Portal delivers reliable reporting online to help predict, prevent and defeat terrorist and extremist threats, as well as other threats to public safety and commercial operations. The Portal is available on desktop and mobile devices and can be individually tailored for each user. It combines the strengths of powerful “search bots” with expert analysis to provide actionable intelligence in support of operational decision-making. Please visit the Portal to learn more.

pic14Standard Subscription Products

These products are based on TRITON®, one of the world’s largest databases of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) covering terrorism and related incidents. The larger reports are disseminated monthly, augmented by “Quick Look” reports on incidents of particular magnitude or significance. Other irregular reports include “TRITON Intelligence Reports” and “News Briefs”. Subscribers receive all TRITON® reports and have access to all terrorist related incidents logged into the database in accordance with their chosen subscription level.

Customised Threat Intelligence Services

These services take advantage of the full range of WCTS capabilities, allowing users to specify their intelligence requirements and receive a tailored product that meets their unique operational needs. An extensive variety of reporting services and display features are available – including the growing demand for On Line Monitoring (OLM) or Social Media Monitoring – and are scaled based upon the level of effort required to meet individual customer requirements. Please note that certain types of user-generated information can also be loaded and displayed in the Threat Intelligence Portal on behalf of customers, further enhancing the context and relevance of the intelligence being provided.

The Online Monitoring team, within the Threat Intelligence department at WCTS, has detailed knowledge and experience in the monitoring and exploitation of online platforms. This group includes analysts and linguists who have long and established experience in the effective monitoring of online media public platforms. Their expertise enables them to collect large amounts of information and transform it into actionable intelligence delivered as alerts to customers. Unlike automated keyword search systems, their technical knowledge and analytical experience make their findings a vital piece of risk management decision making.

Potential threats can be monitored across multiple online platforms and can include threats posed to global operations from terrorism or extremist activism. Our reporting services for commercial organisations can also include reputation and brand monitoring as well as negative media coverage.

To learn more about these customized Threat Intelligence solutions, please start the conversation.