Worldwide Counter Threat Solutions (WCTS)

WCTS develops innovative training programs for an evolving and complex threat environment to military, law enforcement, and corporate specialists worldwide.  We understand threats are constantly changing, their actions are dynamic, and maintaining your effectiveness remains an enduring requirement.   Evolving threats posed by adversaries have matured from the single small arms or IED attack, to an ability to simultaneously employ conventional and non-conventional means adaptively in pursuit of their objectives. There are no rule books or honor codes the adversary follows. They form alliances, business agreements, and partnerships with other criminal, or sometimes legitimate, organizations.

WCTS provides training and consulting solutions at the ground level up to the strategic level.  Our customers face the most diverse threats posed by state and non-state actors and we strive to commit to their needs to deliver the solution to win the fight.

Our Instructors

WCTS instructors bring a global approach to your solution.  Deeply rooted in operations, our highly experienced instructors collaborate the best practices from the two leaders in the western-world (UK and US) for the counter threat industry.  They have backgrounds serving in such high-threat regions as Northern Ireland, Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Africa.

As professional trainers in both UK and US, they have worked as Senior Instructors within EOD/IEDD Training schools, with Bomb Squad Technicians, Special Operations Teams, Commanders, and Military Forensic Intelligence. WCTS is very experienced in delivering training to foreign Military and Police students.  Our instructors are accustomed to working in all conditions, using interpreters, and adjusting and respecting host nation customs and beliefs.

Our Courses

Our courses offer the best of our experience and meet the needs of you, the client. WCTS has a long history of delivering high quality training to a wide range of audiences. We pride ourselves in developing a training course which adapts to the customer’s requirements in order to provide focused and relevant training at an affordable price. We established our core competencies under seven mission areas, or DOMAINS. Each domain includes subjects pertaining to a specific skill set.  This allows us to efficiently plug modules into a training program designed to your specific needs. The courses outlined in our catalog can also be adjusted for a modified version to solve your needs.  This personal attention, combined with engaging with the client and understanding their intent, has been a strength to our success and ensures your relevant content at a maximum value. The best solution at an affordable price.


Explosive Ordnance Disposal

The primary asset to counter any explosive threat lies on the highly trained explosive operators.  Our Explosive Ordnance Disposal domain is for the professional operator requiring the planning, knowledge and skills to locate, identify, neutralize, recover and dispose of various ordnances, respond to the full range of terrorist Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), conduct demolition and disposal operations for single and multi items, and integrate into Special Force or SWAT teams.  We can deliver training from the novice level to advanced techniques for senior experienced technicians.

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Explosive Management & Safety

The explosives sector, by its very nature, can be a hazardous arena and the consequences of an incident occurring can be severe. The best form of mitigation is a well trained work force who understand the hazards and how best to manage them. The Explosive Management and Safety domain provides leadership and workers with the knowledge and skills to manage storage magazines and ranges, understand compatibilities, risks and safeties, ordering procedures for required munitions, ensure proper licensing, and the handling, transportation and storage of munitions.  We include the principles for the security of facilities, stockpiles, transportation and ranges under this domain.

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Intelligence & Exploitation

The ability to DIRECT, COLLECT, ANALYZE and DISSEMINATE gathered information resides in the Intelligence and Exploitation domain.  For an agency or unit to understand and counter the threats, they must be enabled with the skills to deduce and predict actions and intentions from the intelligence and evidence acquired.   Our courses for the operators provide the foundational knowledge for terrorist tactics and weapons, preserving the scene, proper collection techniques, and threat assessment skills need to be successful in this mission.  We include modern principles and training for online monitoring and social media analysis, 

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Counter IED

For the general force, the Counter IED domain will give military and law enforcement personnel with the tools needed to operate in an IED threat environment.  Just like understanding the required equipment, survival techniques and environmental factors to complete your mission in extreme temperatures, we can provide you the knowledge and safe practices to mitigate operating in such a high threat environment.  Additionally, to counter this threat, you need to disrupt the adversaries operations and support networks.   

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Incident Management

Without effective incident management, what may appear to be a minor incident can rapidly escalate to serious consequences, stopping business, communications, and computer systems, threaten the wellbeing of workers or customers and disrupting daily infrastructure functions. WCTS can provide your company or organization with the necessary skills and planning to prepare for and mitigate an incident.  We follow the guidance of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident for interagency response and coordination and have decades of experience to identify, analyze, and react to the threats and hazards many must face.  Whether deploying an Incident Response Team (IRT), providing a specialist unit or supporting public affairs,  it is critical to work as a team under one unified command.  WCTS can provide the training to integrate assets, build confidence in the joint capabilities and prepare for upcoming evaluations for those that do not get the opportunity to work together until it is too late.

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Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear

CBRN hazards include chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear material created from accidental or deliberate releases, toxic industrial materials (TIMs), chemical and biological agents, biological pathogens, radioactive material, and those hazards resulting from the employment of WMD.  In any CBRN incident or accident, it is assumed that the primary purpose of the item is to spread contamination to cause causualties, deny use of the area, and instill public panic and fear. At WCTS, our SMEs have trained Special Forces from around the world whose mission is to find hazardous materials, deny the adversary use of them, render safe WMDs, and mitigate the spread of contamination in the event of an incident.

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WCTS can develop your experts into professional instructors.  We teach basic curriculum design and instill a Systems Approach to Learning through the academically recognized phases for the Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate training process.  Students will learn how to be a professional instructor in a classroom environment, build confidence for public speaking, and further advance to master how to develop, coordinate, plan, and set-up practical training for both skill sets and scenario based training in their field of expertise.

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